Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


Like all state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand, the governance of Christchurch Adventist School is in the hands of the Board of Trustees. As CAS is a state-integrated school some of the trustees are elected and some are appointed by the proprietors (the New Zealand Seventh-day Adventist Schools Association). Students and staff also elect one trustee each to the Board. Board elections are held every three years.

The Board does not have a regular meeting date, but yearly meetings usually number seven or eight. Dates and times will be published in newsletters, or check with the school office. The meetings are open to the public to observe and are held in the school staff room.

The role of the Board is to ensure good governance, to appoint staff, to hear serious student discipline cases and to plan strategically for the future of the college. The Board relies on the Principal and his management team to manage the school.


The members of the board are:

Evan Ellis (Principal)

Nick Wormald (Chairman)

Hamish Duggan

Lance Boulton

Madelene Godfrey

Michael Jones

Jeremy Flynn

Etonia Vakacautadra

Paul Devine

Brenden Newman

Asofitu Toailoa

Victoria Bell