“Having been in education in three countries for many years as a parent, chaplain, board member, and proprietor, I believe we’ve made the right decision to send our children to CAS. I am confident that CAS is shaping my children to be able to shape a better world and reach for eternity. If you’re an average family wanting above average Christian education I commend Christchurch Adventist School to you.”

Current and Past students share their thoughts on CAS…

“I came to CAS due to my unhappiness that went hand in hand with my old school. Naturally, I was a very shy and timid person; these qualities grew into happiness and confidence, due to the nurturing environment at CAS acting as a catalyst for such a developmental change. CAS is unlike other schools, placing importance not only on academic excellence, but learning to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.”

“CAS is a small school; that makes it unique to other schools. Sometimes at other schools one may not feel like they really fit in, but CAS gives you a sense of belonging. The school community is great and the teachers are there to help you with what you need. CAS taught me good habits for studying and I can apply them well at a higher level of education. In my first year at CAS I found everyone was basically like a big family, and helped those who were in need.”

“One thing that stands out to me at CAS is the teachers; they not only cater to my academic learning but spiritual learning as well. The people at CAS make CAS what it is and I have learnt many valuable lessons from both teachers and students alike.”

“CAS is not just a school, it’s a family. It’s an amazing opportunity to come learn, worship, make long lasting friends and make a difference in other people’s lives. CAS has shown me what it means to have a solid relationship with God.”

“CAS is one of 16 Adventist Schools that the Adventist Church operates in NZ, from Whangarei through to Invercargill. It amazes me that all staff both academic and support genuinely care for the students, know their names and care about how they are progressing academically, socially and spiritually, all this being delivered in a practical, loving, Christian environment.”