Celebration of Culture at CAS

At CAS we are blessed to have a great number of different cultures represented, and we LOVE to honour and celebrate them, and to include families in the celebrations.

Language Weeks

Maori Language Week is a whole-school celebration. The Primary School holds a brief morning assembly each day throughout the week where a teacher or parent and our Student Reps introduce word or phrase of the day. Years 5 and 8 visit the local marae.

In 2020 we held a 'WhareWars' whole-school competition between our school houses Cashmere, Aspiring and Aoraki, where the houses performed against each other with haka and waiata. The time ended with a wonderful shared hangi prepared by Mr Areli and Haami Cassidy, with an army of student helpers.  

-Samoan language week culminates in a culture day where we all come to school dressed in cultural attire and bringing a cultural dish for shared lunch. unfortunately didn't happen this year. Hopefully next year a Pasifika culture day will combine all Pasifika cultures at CAS e.g Tongan, Fijian, Niuean.

-Filipino language week (had to be moved to term 4 this year).

-Brazilian language week (term 4)

-Chinese language week (this week-yay!!)

-Tongan language 


*Family picnic and Information Evening-families bring picnic and join primary teachers for picnic tea, parents attend each class presentations while prefects do an amazing job supervising student games...bouncy castle and playground games.

* Mother's and Father's day breakfast -7-8am- guest speaker, students read poems, scripture, choir sings a song, photo booth captures memory, breakfast provided.

*Grandparents Morning tea- always well attended, each class presents an item, morning tea follows presentation.

*Rest Home Visits-2 classes combine to visit 2 rest homes on two different days, presenting a musical story of the birth of Christ, students make greeting cards for the residents which are so well received and appreciated!! (sadly not happening this year, cards are still going to be made by the children and teachers and student reps will deliver).

*Primary Choir (practice weekly) performs end of year Concert on a Sunday in term 4, always well attended by family members and friends. Primary choir also sing at one church visit a year.