We Nurture

Educating for Eternity

Our focus on nurture aims to build resilient children. It helps children to develop skills to cope with life, find where they fit and how they can make a difference. Children are taught to take responsibility for their own actions and belongings; to respect themselves and others. This in turn increases confidence and empowers healthy and meaningful relationships with others.

An Environment of Care

It is of upmost importance that our children are happy; that they feel safe, free to learn, secure in their environment, and confident in their self-esteem. Our learning environment is built upon the Christian foundation where children belong and are valued and respected. Our Christian teachers and staff provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment. We focus on identifying and nurturing the strengths of our students. Our environment of care is established through an appreciation for individuals’ needs, respect for one another and support of each other’s values and opinions. With this approach, children are better able to reach their full potential, develop healthy self-esteem and an appreciation for the needs of others.

Individual Attention

Our excellent student-teacher ratios allow our teachers to get to know each child as an individual. Small class sizes mean teachers can monitor each child and cater to their individual development needs. Teachers are readily available and willing to discuss your child’s social, emotional and academic needs.

Pastoral Care

At Christchurch Adventist School we believe that every child is a child of God and needs and deserves individual care. We endeavour to lead our students to know their God, themselves and their place in society. Pastoral care embraces a total caring for each child, and influences all teacher/student relationships.

Christchurch Adventist School is committed to the wellbeing of the entire school community. The local Adventist church provides support through Chaplaincy staffing, to support the pastoral care needs of our students and their families. The Chaplain is available to all members of our school community. Parents must make an appointment if they wish to speak with the chaplain and protocols apply to students who want to visit the chaplain during class time.

We believe our students have an equal right to learn, work and play, while being treated with respect and dignity. We encourage them to appreciate their own worth, and that of others, so that each can develop to his or her potential.

We promote respect and care for the environment, as well as the development of a deepening sense of care for others, especially those who are disadvantaged. Our emphasis is on positive relationships between school, students, staff and families. This is vital in the interests of the wellbeing of our students.

Our Approach to Pastoral Care

The particular approaches to the provision of pastoral care at Christchurch Adventist School depends upon the age of students. The individual classroom teacher assumes great importance in knowing and understanding each child in his or her care. In addition, our chaplain plays an important role in the pastoral care of our students. Our pastoral care program works towards developing a sense of community and belonging. The school community provides a safe, nurturing and happy environment in which students and staff alike, demonstrate care, compassion, courtesy and respect for others. Christian Living classes, weekly chapel periods, class devotions, school camps and excursions all play an integral role in building positive relationships and in teaching students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and achievements. Christchurch Adventist School has a strong commitment to ensuring that every student feels safe, enjoys coming to school, and can achieve their best in a classroom learning environment that is enthusiastic, challenging and well-managed.

Pastoral Care Initiatives

Chapel Programs

Our chapel programs are organised by the School Chaplain. These programs take place on a weekly basis and are designed to give students the opportunity to develop spiritually through involvement with worship, music, and hearing from a variety of inspirational speakers.

Week of Worship (WoW)

Each year Christchurch Adventist School students are involved in a special week of spiritual focus which promotes spiritual growth in students. An inspiring guest speaker encourages students in their spiritual journey. Students are given opportunities to strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Many students choose to get involved in Bible study groups with the school chaplain once WoW is over. Chaplains are also happy to assist in arranging these with the students’ own church community.

School Camps/Excursions

A Chaplain is present on almost all school camps and excursions and plays an active role in supporting staff and students.

Student Leadership

At Christchurch Adventist School there are many different opportunities for students to be involved in leadership. These include our Prefect Team, Student Council, House Captaincy, Primary Peer Mediation Program, and the FUSE and Kids Church Leadership Teams. CAS encourages students to develop their potential and be involved in leadership in both the Primary and Secondary School.


Christchurch Adventist School welcomes and encourages the support and involvement of parents within the school. There are many opportunities for parents and extended family to be a part of the school community.

These activities include:

• School/Church/Conference Social Events

• Parent /Teacher nights

• Involvement in curricular activities such as reading, art and craft, excursions and sporting events.

Christchurch Adventist School’s ‘open door’ policy adds to our sense of community. Our emphasis on positive relationships between school, students, staff and families is vital in the interests of the wellbeing of our students.